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About Us

We hope to make this site a library of explosives. It will contain a description, images, methods on how to make them, and of course, our favorite, videos.

Why are you doing this?

Well, first off, we're attracted to things that explode. To be completely honest, most people are. There's something in our head that is just absolutely fascinated by them. It could be something like the lolcat phenomena, that someone has theorized about. Apparently, the human brain is hardwired for certain things, like cats behaving like cats. When that familar thing ceases to be...familar, you focus your attention on it. Along the same lines, theres probably something about explosions that just draws your attention, excluding the loud noises and vibration of course.

Pretty much, this site is put together so people who like to experiment, people who like to test things out themselves can do that. This isn't a site thats mean't to teach terrorists, because, we don't like them. We aren't going to list out instructions on how to make a pipe explosive. We'll give you instructions on how to make, say, those little poppy things that explode when you throw them on the ground. Or other fun things, like thermite (which was used to weld railroad tracks) or paint on explosive (which is just plain cool, other than being used in Italian Job). We're doing this for the fun of it. Speaking of which, did you see that MythBusters episode where......

Don't you know that explosives are dangerous?

Indeed, we know. Anything that we do will be safe. Why is that? Well, first off, we've worked with many chemicals that are potentially dangerous, and look...we're alive. We follow safety procedures. We don't do experiments with random people walking by. We research things before we do them. What you should be more concerned about, are yourselves. You need to follow safety procedures.